Retailers' Credit Association of Grass Valley

A Collection Services Team Who Cares About You and Your Customers

Do You Need Compassionate Professionals to Help With Tough Receivables?

Typically, people who don't pay their bills for your services either:

1) Can't pay 2) Want to pay but can't, 3) Don't appreciate the value of your services.

At RCA of Grass Valley, we determine quickly which situation you have, collect your money compassionately to retain your good reputation, retain valued customers and focus your energy on your business. 

Don't let bills languish,  turn into bad debt, write offs and gut burning frustration.


Ready to Collect 97% of your Accounts Receivable in 120 Days?


Tri-Cycle Revenue Services is a Commission Smashing, Professional Revenue Collection System Designed for Medical and Dental Offices

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Stop Worrying About Getting Paid

Let RCA take on the burden of communicating with your delinquent customer or patient about money. We are experts at collecting and creating payment plans that will work for your customers and save your energy.

Write Off Fewer Losses

Those delinquent bills are aren't getting paid if they are being ignored. We don't get paid either, until we collect from your client or patient. Rather than write the money off, why not give us a try?

Protect Your Reputation

You are an expert at delivering your services. We are experts at collecting money from delinquent payers. We know that by working together there will be less strain on your business, your sanity and your reputation.

Work with an Effective Team

Did you know that the national average for collections from collection agencies is only 13%.  But RCA Collection Services has a 33% collection rate.  Compassion, care and knowledge is what makes us effective.

Did you know that the national average for collections from collection agencies is only 13%? RCA Collection Services has a 35% average collection rate.

Save Your Sanity

Partner with a team that is three times more effective than the national average.


  • Medical

    Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals

  • Specialty Health

    Dentists, Therapists, Chiropractors, PT, Vets

  • Professional

    Attorneys, CPAs, Financal Planners

  • Commercial

    Contractors, Auto, Tow, Storage, Clubs, Media

Notary Public

Need a document notarized?  We have notaries on staff.  Come by during business hours.

Judgment Collection

Did you win in court?  Let us help you collect on any viable judgment.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are a commission only company.  You do not pay us until we collect. 

If there are court or legal fees, we cover those fees up front. 

You will get payment from RCA Collection Services within 30 days of any payment from your client or patient no matter how small. 

We can't guarantee that each debt will be collectible, but we can guarantee that we work each and every assignment with all the expertise and energy we've got.  

That's how we've stayed in business since 1927.